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American Landscape Paintings
Landscape Paintings Peter Fiore Landscape Painting

Pine Variatiion: Sera Velvent

oil/linen, 36x36


Peter Fiore Landscape Painting

Pine Variation: Lamentation
oil/linen, 36x36


Peter Fiore Landscape Painting

Installation views of Pine Variations

Landscape Paintings

Pine Variations
July, 2017

Alliance Gallery
Delaware Valley Arts Alliance
37 Main Street
Narrowsburg, NY 12764

I am interested in making the simple profound, always searching for that universal moment in our commonplace world. My canvases depict truth found in nature, conveyed via color, texture, and a dynamic energy that is inherent within. These visual combinations capture nature in it's brilliance, striving to access the essence of the subject matter, to unmask a deeper consciousness within myself and the viewer.

Most recently, I have embarked on a series of paintings, which speak to a deeper side of things. I'm looking for something eternal and more meaningful. My tree "portraits" continue the pursuit of communicating a complexity of feelings within the works, while also seeking to display the unique character within a single tree. This work exemplifies my ongoing visual investigation. I like to visit a motif repeatedly to learn it’s faceted nature throughout the year. This white pine tree's proximity to my studio allows frequent visits.

Featured is a closely cropped tree, it’s branches dancing from edge to edge, anchored by a steady central trunk — this bifurcating vertical is the dominant element. Such a design has the potential to divide the composition in a way that depletes it of energy, but that is the challenge—a command to depart from the norm. A square is stability and, as such, has no innate force.

I paint almost exclusively in a square format, embracing the absolute symmetry and universality of the shape. Therefore, I'm tasked with infusing energy into the piece by extracting it from within the subject matter. One needs to work intelligently to make a successful composition. I relish this challenge, which forces me to rely on hand and heart to bring movement to an otherwise static shape.

I revel in the questions, not the answers. I continue my visual journey, eager to discover the next direction. The physicality of process remains paramount to my work, as it has from the beginning. Painting is cultural. Painting is thinking. Painting is passion. Painting is education. Painting is intellectual. I am creating a poetry that goes beyond the surface, and I have questions.

Peter Fiore is an American landscape painter who is best known for painting light and his striking use of color. His landscape paintings are widely collected. Peter has won numerous awards, including first place for landscape in the Art Renewal Center's Annual Salon as well as receiving a Grand Prize in the America China Oil Painters Artist League (ACOPAL) Open Competition. He has been featured in an assortment of publications including Fine Art Connoisseur as an "Artist to Watch" and has been named a "Living Master" by the Art Renewal Center. Most recently he won the American Art Collector Award of Excellence. Peter’s work toured 6 museums in China as part of an exhibit on American Contemporary Realism.

Peter was born in Teaneck, NJ. He studied at Pratt Institute and the Art Students League of New York and worked as a professional illustrator collaborating on thousands of projects before focusing on his own painting in the late '90s. He has been on the faculty at Pratt Institute, Syracuse University and presently teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York City since 1991. Peter lives and works along the Delaware River with his wife, artist Barbara Fiore. He has two grown children, Lisa Fiore and Paul Fiore, who are both artists.

Delaware Valley Arts Alliance, founded in 1976 presents programs in the visual, performing, literary, and media arts and service a county and valley-wide constituency of artists, arts groups and the general public. The DVAA mandate is to lead collaborations that advance the arts; to encourage and support cultural programs relevant to all citizens; and to provide services to individual artists, arts organizations, and the area’s arts community. The DVAA has over 300 members, many of whom divide their time between Northeastern Pennsylvania, Sullivan County NY and New York City.

Pine Variations, an exhibit of paintings by Peter Fiore, opens with a reception on Friday, June 30 from 7 to 9 pm at the Delaware Valley Arts Center’s Alliance Gallery in Narrowsburg, NY. The exhibit will be on view through July 29.

Alliance Gallery is located at the Delaware Valley Arts Center at 37 Main Street, Narrowsburg, NY, and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.

American Landscape Paintings
Landscape Paintings Landscape Paintings American Landscape Paintings
Landscape Paintings Landscape Paintings Landscape Paintings Landscape Paintings Landscape Paintings Landscape Paintings Landscape Paintings Landscape Paintings American Landscape Paintings
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