Petr Fiore Fine Art Landscape Paintings
Winter Landscape Painting

RS Hanna Galley: Timeless Expressions
Southwest Art / October 2012

Peter Fiore painting

Autumn Ramble, oil/linen, 36x60

Winter Landscape Painting Peter Fiore painting

Fence Post, oil/linen, 9x12


Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine

Southwest Art
October 2012

Artist Peter FioreFine Art Galleries
"FROM THE CLASSIC LOOK of Peter Fiore's landscapes to the versatility of Dan Back's figures to Marc Hanson's mood-filled panaramas, each and every one of these paintings has a timeless and universal quality" says Shannon Hanna, owner of RS Hanna Gallery in historic Fredericksburg, TX, where the three-person show titled Timeless Expressions runs throughout October. An artist's reception is on Friday, Octover 5, from 6 to 8 pm.

Fiore's new work focuses on "the essence of things," he says, "It's a point of view that is about light, emotion, and how the scene resonates with me. I try to simplify by not making it site-specific but rather by making a universal statement that transcends a particular place and is more eternal and universal. I'm painting moods." His 10 new paintings for the show evoke a sense of calm and quiet, with depictions of sycamore and birch trees at sunset, open fields and meadows, and winter landscapes with meandering streams. Autumn Ramble, a 36-by-60-inch painting, holds special meaning for Fiore. After a bad car accident, he couldn't paint for a long time and would photograph subject matter instead. "I found a tree I liked and thought about designs and compositions for it. But the tree was burned in a fire. At first I was saddened but the tree came back stronger. It was an important symbol for my health," he says.

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-- Written by Reed Glen


Timeless Expressions:
Peter Fiore, Dan Beck, Marc Hanson

October 1-31, 2012

RS Hanna Gallery
208 South Llano Street
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

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