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Peter Fiore Painting

January at Twilight, oil/panel, 12x16

Peter Fiore Painting

Pale Moon, Winter, oil/linen, 12x16

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The Artist's Magazine
April 2010

Landscape into Art
5 Masters of the landscape share tricks of the trade

I've been painting this scene for a number of years now. At this time of year, the spot has potential almost daily, as long as I make sure that I’m there at the right moment. I’m drawn to evening, as in January at Twilight (top), because it brings back childhood memories of playing with my brother and my friends. In this scene the sun had just dipped below the horizon. What struck me was the crimson color of the edges of the clouds against the yellow-green of the sky.

The impetus for Pale Moon, Winter (bottom) was a drive along the Delaware River. As I followed the moon, I was looking for something to create a dramatic foil to it, when I came upon this bend in the river. The light wasn’t quite right, so I waited. After about 20 minutes, the sun broke and illuminated the distant tree line and the shoreline on the right, which carved the space and made it magical. I’ve learned that you get more by waiting then you do by moving.

Peter Fiore has received over 75 distinguished awards, including a first place in the landscape category of the Artist's Magazine's 2007 Annual competition and a silver medal from the Society of Illustrators for which he served as president from 1993 to 1995. Fiore has taught at Pratt Institute and Syracuse University; he presently teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Visit his website at

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