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The Artist's Life: The Portrait of a Family in Art
Artist's Magazine / April 2015

Peter Fiore painting
Lisa Fiore, Journey No. 2, oil/canvas, 11x14

Painter Peter Fiore encouraged his two children, Lisa and Paul, to observe the world around them. Now, they're painters too.

LISA "I remember getting ice cream with my family in midsummer, just before sunset. Naturally, it was that golden hour when everything has a yellow-pink glow. We got out of the car and headed inside for sundaes, but first, my dad stopped us to note the quality of light on the side of a white house across the street. Cars drove by, other families walked in and out with dripping cones, and we stood there gazing. Subsequently, Paul and I would pretend that our dad was silly for caring so much about a random house, but that moment stuck with me for the rest of my life. I'll never take for granted the golden light on the side of any building."

Peter Fiore painting
Paul Fiore, 138 6x8 drawings, watercolor, gouache, monoprints, gesso and matte medium transfers on paper mounted to board

PAUL "My parents are divorced, and the trips between my father's and mother's homes were some of the more important lessons I've received. We would drive from Long Island to Pennsylvania and back again every other week. Along the way my father would talk to me about color, light and observations of the world. My dad is without a doubt more representational. I'm floating over a line between representation and abstract, but the work is rooted in similar ideas about art and the world."

Peter Fiore painting
Peter Fiore, Meadow Glow, oil/linen, 24x48

PETER "My own father, while working at a liquor store, traded a bottle of vodka for a German Zeiss Ikon Contessa 35-mm. camera. He gave it to me and said, 'Try to figure this out.' That's when the world changed for me. When I expressed to my family that I wanted to go to art school, I had their full support. I went to Pratt, as my father did.

Now, Lisa and Paul start with observation and take it down a road to their own destinies. The exciting part for me, as their father, is to watch them take the ideas we talked about and see how they expand upon them, and to see their ability to reach out and make their voices be heard."

To learn more about Lisa, Paul and Peter visit their websites...

-- McKenzie Graham
This article courtesy of The Artist's Magazine (April 2015)

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