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Winter Landscape Painting

Peter Fiore: Last Fifteen
American Art Collector / November 2014

Peter Fiore painting

Peter Fiore in his studio working on Delaware Calm

Winter Landscape Painting Peter Fiore painting

Autumn Blast, oil/linen, 18x24

Peter Fiore painting

Golden Touch, oil/linen, 16x20

Peter Fiore painting

Tree Line, Autumn, oil/linen, 18x24

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American Art Collector
November 2014

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Many artists concentrate on the warm light of the golden hour, the time just before sunrise and sunset, a time of drama and mystery. Peter Fiore has chosen the Last Fifteen minutes, the title of his exhibition at Travis Gallery in New Hope, Pennsylvania. The exhibition runs November 1 through 30.

"The majority of this series of paintings deals with the last 15 minutes of daylight and how it affects the environments of my visual world," he explains. "I am foremost attracted to light and its ability to transform nature. The subject matter of my work has always been the quality of light. I am interested in making the simple profound, always searching for the universal moment…

"The true subject in any of my paintings is light and how it defines and endlessly changes the landscape around us," he continues. "For me, light is more than a visual tool—it is an emotional subject."

Fiore lives along the Delaware River in North- eastern Pennsylvania, an area of bucolic beauty and four distinct seasons. His favorite is winter. "It is a time when the earth loses its leafy covering and reveals its true self," he says. "Covered in snow, the world reflects light and creates a spectrum of colors that are both dramatic and beautiful."

His painting Golden Touch captures the last glancing rays of the setting sun lighting up the dried grasses at the edge of a field covered in snow, which he has painted with blues and yellows. In other paintings, such as Snow Field Variations, soft sunlight is almost colorless as it is filtered through the clouds in the almost palpably cold landscape.

When others would be packing up and heading inside, Fiore celebrates the fleeting moment, missed by the less aware. He says, "I used to think that I had to travel the world to find inspiration, now I just walk out my door and it's all there."

George Orwell wrote, "To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle." Fiore's paintings make it easier


Last Fifteen
November 1-30, 2014
Reception: November 8, 5-8

Travis Gallery
6089 Lower York Road (Route 202)
N ew Hope, PA 18938
(215) 794-3903

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