Petr Fiore Fine Art Landscape Paintings
Winter Landscape Painting

Peter Fiore Painting

Peter Fiore: Winter Clearing
oil/linen, 24x36
RS Hannah, Fredericksburg TX

Peter Fiore Painting

Peter Fiore: Morning Fog, January
oil/linen, 24x30

Peter Fiore Painting

Peter Fiore: Last Light, Birch Grove
oil/linen, 12x16

Peter Fiore Painting

Peter Fiore: Winter Twilight
oil/linen, 12x16

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October 2012

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American Art Collector
October 2012

Harmony of Spirit
Upcoming Group Show

October 1 to 31, RS Hanna Gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas, will host a three-artist exhibit featuring Dan Beck, Peter Fiore and Marc Hanson. According to Maggie Gillespie of the gallery, "...they so beautifully illume each other in their depth of talent and harmony of spirit. All three artists bring an immediacy to their images, a certain sense of refined presence. It's more than just impeccable technique and color, subject or discipline... you feel you know the face or remember the place they are viewing."

Hanson's paintings for this exhibit will feature a wide range of his landscapes. From field studies to large studio pieces, there will be a few winter nocturnes as well as paintings from the artist's favorite spots in northern Wisconsin.

"My painting Morning Impression was painted from a small field study that I painted on a very sunny and foggy morning this past spring," says Hanson. "The moisture in the air was so thick that the light from the sun dissolved the form, causing the trees to take on flat but expressive shapes. I was captivated by that, quickly painting the flow and the dance of the overall impression that I felt."

According to Fiore, he is interested in creating "a universal and timeless statement rather than a literal representation of a location," and his subjects are the light and mood of a particular place. He also adds that marks and weaving of color are as important as the subject.

Fiore's oil piece Winter Clearing was a waiting game as he spent 45 minutes in the snow for the sun to come out during an overcast winter's day. "The sunlight catching in the sky creates warm accents on the lower hanging atmospheric clouds, which are framed by the darker, overcast sky behind--a magical blend of light and color," he says.

For the exhibit, Beck will showcase his figures along with some still life and landscape paintings. Of his Figurative To the Morning, Beck says, "(It) was inspired by a combination of my model's gesture in that light, creating those particular shapes. As in all my figurative work, I am looking for strong design to enhance the storytelling. I'm often drawn toward subject matter that has a timeless feel to it."


Timeless Expressions:
Peter Fiore, Dan Beck, Marc Hanson
October 1-31, 2012

Artist's Reception: October 5th, 5-8 pm

RS Hanna Gallery
208 South Llano Street
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

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