Petr Fiore Fine Art Landscape Paintings
Winter Landscape Painting

Peter Fiore: The Visionary Landscape
American Art Collector / November 2011

Peter Fiore painting

New Day, January, oil/linen, 24x48

Winter Landscape Painting Peter Fiore painting

Winter Cathedral, oil/linen, 18x36

Peter Fiore painting

Winter Carpet, oil/panel, 18x24

The Collector Says . . .
"I find myself drawn into Peter Fiore's work by the light in the paintings, whether it is an evening scene where a window is subtly lit or the bright afternoon sunshine on the side of a barn; I am moved by the message behind the craft. These works now hold a special place in both my home and in my heart."
— W. A. Nickey

Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine

American Art Collector
November 2011

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As a landscape artist Peter Fiore does more than paint what he sees, he reinterprets nature. Hence, the title of his exhibition in November at Travis Gallery— Visionary Landscape.

"It's my vision of what I'm looking at. I'm re- orchestrating the entire landscape, changing how I perceive it. I want people to see what I feel," explains Fiore. "I look at the landscape as a jumping-off point...I think of the landscape as an abstract thought."

Based in Pennsylvania, Fiore finds beauty in unexpected places while exploring the lands of the Delaware River Region for reference material. Imagery is based on things he sees and goes through every day, yet, he says, "I'm surprised when people know where something is because they're so radically changed."

Emotion is the object of his work. "Rather than places, I'm interested in a universal eternal statement. I'm trying to paint something that's bigger than the moment," he adds.

Best known for painting light and his striking use of color, Fiore's landscapes have garnered the artist several accolades. His recent piece "Winter Storm Clearing" won first place in the Art Renewal Center's International 2010/11 Salon Competition of which he has been a finalist for the past several years.

This solo show will feature several of his popular winterscapes, including New Day, January and Winter Cathedral, a study for a larger series in progress titled The White Pine Suite. In New Day, January Fiore captures the early morning light with a remnant of the moon. "I responded to the warm sunlight on vertical
surfaces and how cool the snow was from the early morning sky laced in lavender and blues."

Winter Carpet and Winter Cathedral illustrate the artist's more recent weaving of color through very deliberate abstracted marks. "Winter Cathedral has a lot of that play in the trees themselves," he notes. "A small section of that painting would look like an abstract- expressionist section."

For Fiore, the true subject is light and how it falls across the landscape. "Light is the only thing I don't manipulate in terms of how it works," he says. "Light is the eternal designer, that's a truth you can't escape."


Visionary Landscape
November 5-26, 2011

Travis Gallery
6089 Lower York Road (Route 202)
N ew Hope, PA 18938
(215) 794-3903

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